Lower Back Pain And Its Classification

Lower back pain often abbreviated as LBP is a condition related to health . It is a conditionlow-back-pain-classification where your lower portion of back gets affected with so many factors that trigger pain on your lower side of your back. This is a common health condition across the world and almost 80% of the world population have been affected by this condition. Almost everyone in this world get affected with this disorder at least once in their lifetime. Men and women are equally affected by this pain. Usually younger aged people who are between the age group of 30 to 60  years are get affected with it. The intensity of this pain can be mild to sever. Or You may also have a constant pain. Sometimes , It can strike you suddenly. It is a generic disorder that consist bones, muscles, spine and nerves.

treatments-for-back-painThere are many factors that affect your lower back and produces pain but some of the major cause of this pain are strain in ligament is one of the major cause that triggers lower back pain, Lifting something in a wrong way may strain your muscle or spine that can lead to an intense pain, discs between the vertebrae. Accidental spinal cord injury  can also be a reason of your pain. These are some reasons that trigger back pain. Symptoms of this disorder may include weight loss, increased body temperature, you may feel weakness in your leg, numbness on certain part of your body, tingling, back pain may be worse if you bend or lift any heavy substance and many of these symptoms that are unwanted and often bother a person.

Lower back pain may be classified on the basis of signs and symptoms. Classification of LBP is necessary as it help in identifying patients that can respond to a specific treatment option.

Some of the pain classification options are given below :

  • Intense Pain or Chronic Pain : In this method, it is being determined that whether the patient has intense back painor acute pain or it is a chronic pain. Intense pain often come suddenly and the duration of this pain is usually limited. On the other hand chronic can last longer than intense or acute pain. Chronic pain may bother a person for a long time of period.
  • Pain Caused by Tissue Damage : Pain from tissue damage can be acute and can bother you for short period of a time. Generally tissue damage happens when you get any accident and you fell down by your back. Or any kind of injury may damage your tissues.
  • Pain Caused by Nerve Damage : Nerves damage often happens if you are having disease like diabetes, cancer, HIV. It can also be damaged by any kind of stroke or trauma or different kind chemotherapy drugs. Generally pain caused by nerve damage is chronic and it can bother any patient for a longer time period.

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