Facet Joint Osteoarthritis

Facet Joints is a very important part of our body because it generally guide and strict the movement of the spinal motion segment. Facet joint osteoarthritis is a condition in which certain factor affects the face joints that may lead to certain sorts of issues. It can also categorize as degenerative arthritis can lead the dissolution of cartilage within the facet joints.

facet joint osteoarthritis


As far as the question of the major reasons for the evolvement of Facet joint osteoarthritis is concerned, you can easily find numbers of reasons for the development of this condition. The very common reason that can lead to the evolvement of Facet joint osteoarthritis is age factor. The older person generally receives this condition more frequent than younger person. Degeneration of the intervertebral disc can also be a major reason for the evolvement of Facet joint osteoarthritis. Prolong pain or stiffness may also be a major reason that can lead to the evolvement of this condition. You may also receive this disease by the abnormal growth of bone generally define as osteophytes. It can also name as bone spur. However, it is only possible when bone spur emerges around the vertebrae.

Traits or Indicationsfacet-joint-osteoarthritis

A patient of Facet joint osteoarthritis may produce numbers of indications most commonly the pain. The indications generally differ from one person to another. Some patients may experience severe indications, some patients face moderate traits and some patient may go through mild signs. One of the very common indications that a patient can experience due to Facet joint osteoarthritis is pain in facet joints. Some patients may also experience swelling around the affected area especially near the facet joints. You may also experience straightening your back and when you try to do it you might experience sudden pain. Neck, shoulder, arm and neck can experience some pain but this condition is rare.


facet-joint-injectionYou can discover numbers of treatment options that can be used to manage the indications of Facet joint osteoarthritis. The application of treatment generally varies from one person to another person such as age factor. How severe your indications is, your overall health and the reason of the development of this disease. The patient can go for the not-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs that helps in managing the inflammation and pain in the affected area. Doctors may also recommend physical therapy to treat disease. Physical therapy immensely helps to manage the pain and inflammation caused by the disease. Sometimes stretching techniques and heat therapy can be also recommended by the experts to get relief from different kinds of indications caused by this disease.

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