Conditions to Worry about Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a medical condition where your lower back is affected by different pain causing factors that triggers back pain. Lower back pain is caused by due to injury in muscles. It is caused by strain in muscle and sprainlower back pain in back. Today if we see almost 80% of the world population are affected with this virus and this number is likely to rise alarmingly in upcoming decades. Almost everyone in this world gets affected by this disorder at least once in their lifetime.

Generally people with back pain rushes to the hospital in search of a better treatment option and often end up with CT scan, MRI, x-ray and even spine surgery as well. While it is not necessary to have hardcore medical treatment because generally back pain can be healed on its own and it doesn’t required any treatment. Any type of back pain require at most 6 months to be healed on its own. And often people with back pain doesn’t wait for that long and go to medical professional in search of a better treatment. These treatment options create complications for the patients.

It is often recommended that as much as 90% of back pain cases don’t required medical treatment as they have the home-remedies-for-back-painpotential to heal itself therefore people rushes to the hospital is unnecessarily. As you grow older, you also grow the chances of being affected by this disorder. This disorder usually affects between the age group of 60-70 years people. This is because at this time people’s immune system starts decreasing. This causes risks of getting diabetes, and blood pressure problems. Your bone starts getting shabby because as you grow your spinal cord has to bear more and more pressure. That pressure causes some kind of strain in your muscles and spine. As a result you get a lower back pain. Below are the conditions given which can bring some worry about this disease?

You should not worry about LBP until these three conditions are seen on your back.

It’s been bothering you for long period of time let’s say six weeks:

Generally any kind of lower back pain almost takes six or lesser weeks to be healed. Almost 90% cases don’t require any treatment and people often go to medical professionals inexplicably. Therefore don’t waste your time and money running after a medical professional as it can heal on its own.

Your condition is getting severe:

Lower back pain heals on its own but sometimes your back pain can get traumatic-causes-of-low-back-painworsen and it may not heal in a standard time period. Actually this kind of lower back pain is a kind of long term disorder that requires some medical treatment. In this condition you should see a medical professional.

Look over major signs and symptoms that may cause problems in near future:

This is also called red flag. Red flags are signs and symptoms that something sinister is going on your body. This may include unexplained fever or chills, weight loss, if you are feeling unwell in respect with your lower back pain. So these are the symptoms that should be noticed by you.


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