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Severe back pain is caused by many factors including muscle tension for psychological reasons as well. Severe low back pain can also be caused because of sudden activity, movement or lifting heavy object. There are many symptoms of lower back pain which can be consistently persistent as well. Apart from and healthy eating habits and obesity, there are many other reasons for your consistent back pain. The most common symptoms of severe back pain include difficulty in moving, standing or walking, pain that also moves around to the groin, buttocks upper thighs and sometimes to the knees, pain which can make you achy and dull, muscle spasm which can be really severe, and local soreness because of pain.

Generally the main causes of a possible back pain are the cause of muscle strain of ligament strain, because of lifting heavy object, twisting of sudden movement which can cause microscopic tears in the muscles and ligaments, When the lower back pain extends towards the legs it is also known as sciatica which is really painful condition. And sometimes stress can also increase the magnitude of your lower back pain. In fact, depression can mean the back pain much severe than its original magnitude. But we are right here to help you with your lower back pain and help you relieve it immediately. We will be providing you personalized suggestions and information for the treatment of lower back pain. Our team of trained experts and professionals are going to help you with all their years of experience to cure your back pain forever.

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